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Prep & Reconditioning Chemicals

               Engine Degreaser                                                       Custom Wheel Cleaner

               A water-based non-flammable concentrate  that provides  excellent  cleaning  power.   This custom wheel cleaner won’t “smoke” wheels or remove clear coat like hydrofluoric
               Employs state-of-the-art surfactants instead of “hot” solvents that could damage engine   acid based cleaners. High foaming formula provides outstanding cling and stays where
               compartment components. Mix according to the job: 10:1 for light degreasing; 5:1 for   it’s sprayed, so it works hard. Safe for steel, painted and coated wheels. Removes brake
               heavy-duty jobs.                                                       dust and road grime. CARB compliant.
               Packaged in 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums.                        Packaged in 1-gallon containers (4 per case) and 5-gallon pails

               Compounds, Polishes and Waxes

               One Step Polish & Sealant                                              Clear Coat Polish
               One Step is a true time saver. It cleans and removes light oxidation, scratches and swirl   Formulated for all clear coat finishes, this single step polish removes light oxidation and
               marks while leaving a durable high gloss protective shine. Originally developed for a   waxes clear coat surfaces. Perfect for dark colored vehicles, it eliminates swirls and light
               major auto manufacturer for in-plant use to remove swirl marks. Specifically designed for   scratches, and is a recommended second step for polishing following compounding of
               the new clear coats. Outstanding for removal of factory paint blemishes. Also works well   dark color painted vehicles. For use with a high-speed buffer or D.A. polisher , or may
               on single stage paints. Can be used with a high speed polisher, D.A. polisher, orbital or   be hand applied.
               even hand applied. VOC compliant.
                                                                                      Packaged in 1-gallon containers (4 per case).
               Packaged in 1-gallon containers (4 per case).

               Carnauba Cream Wax                                                     Heavy-Duty Compound
               A fine blend of Carnauba wax and polymer resins provides high gloss and durability.   Formulated for today’s high-solid refinish clear coats, this silicone and wax-free
               Unique easy-on/easy-off formula produces a long-lasting shine. Has safe, gentle cleaners   formulation is non-scouring and an excellent product for body shops with a need for
               that remove road film and light oxidation, and provides a mild polishing of painted   heavy sand mark removal. A superior product for the removal of heavy oxidation from
               surfaces. Applies easily by hand or with the D.A. polisher using a foam pad or with an    non-clear finishes. VOC compliant.
               orbital polisher.                                                      Packaged in 1-gallon containers (4 per case).
               Packaged in 1-gallon containers (4 per case).

               Supreme Swirl Remover                                                  Super Compound
               Provides a swirl-free, high luster finish, ready for final wax or sealant. “Wet” formula   Fast acting, smooth cut “wet formula” provides maximum workability that easily
               provides  more  workability  when  buffing.  Body  shop  safe,  wax  and  silicone  free.   removes sand marks, scratches, compounding marks, acid rain etch and light
               Formulated for fresh or aged paints.                                   imperfections without leaving deep swirl marks.
               Packaged in 1-gallon containers (4 per case).                          Packaged in 1-gallon containers (4 per case).

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