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Specialty Chemicals

        Odor Terminator                                                        Aerosol Undercoating
        Odor Terminator is a unique contact odor eliminator for all organic odors. It attacks   An OEM engineering approved, cosmetically attractive black coating that provides
        the proteins that odor-causing microorganisms feed on. This makes the odor-causing   insulation, sound deadening and anti-corrosive protection to cars, trucks and RVs. It’s
        “bugs” die, quickly eliminating unpleasant odors. Not a perfume or fragrance, it leaves   wax-based formula remains flexible in the coldest temperatures, yet will not drip or run
        no offensive “cover up” aroma. Approved and utilized by the “Big 3” to control odors   under even extreme high temperatures. Provides a “finished” cosmetic appearance to
        in manufacturing facilities. Non-toxic, non-staining, non-allergenic. Works in minutes.   wheel wells and underbody components. Handy aerosol application means no extra
        Removes cigarette/cigar odors and foul smells caused by mold in A/C (see instructions   equipment needed.
        on AI web site). Even removes pet odors and body fluid odors (sweat, vomit, urine).   Available in 12 oz. aerosol can (12 per case).
        VOC compliant.
        Packaged in 1-gallon containers (4 per case ) and 55-gallon drums.

        ValuMask Liquid Masking                                                Aerosol Anti-Rust Compound
        A water-base sprayable liquid that dries to a protective, tack-free film. Prevents overspray   Our same effective rust preventive in handy aerosol form. Outstanding for the
        from under-coatings or paints from adhering to vehicle surfaces. Can be used on all cured   “do-it-yourselfer”. Boats, cars, tools, equipment, dozens of uses.
        paints and surfaces such as glass, chrome, grills, tires, wheels and engine compartments,   Packaged in 13.75 oz. aerosol cans (12 per case).
        as well as hard to tape areas. Also useful for preventing buff splatter from sticking to
        areas, including door jambs. Biodegradable and non-hazardous.
        Available in 5-gallon squares or 55-gallon drums.

                                                                               Superior Shine Tire Dressing
                                                                               A water-based polydimethylsiloxane high-shine dressing for all types of tires. Provides
                                                                               a rich high-luster. Will not stain painted surfaces or “sling” if properly applied. A
                                                                               detergent resistant multi-purpose dressing for those that prefer a shiny appearance.
                                                                               Available in 5-gallon pails.

                                                                               VG- 251 ValuView Windshield Coating
                                                                               Since the most important safety technology in any vehicle is the driver’s
                                                                               vision, ValuView Windshield Coating is an un-beatable ally in the rain and
                                                                               sleet. Formulated by a leading glass manufacturer, ValuView repels rain,
                                                                               snow and sleet for improved vision when it’s most important! ValuView is
                                                                               not just a coating. Unlike other products, it chemically bonds to the glass!
                                                                               One handy applicator treats one windshield!
                                                                               Available in cases, 12 or 50 count.

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