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Total Auto Preservation System

                                              Generation 8 Paint Sealant
                                              This Generation 8 formula features nano-technology (engineering of particles and resins at the molecular level) that
                                              produces a polyurethane coating (built atom by atom) comprised of smaller particles that result in a closer bond   SUN  RAIN
                                              to the paint surface. This closer bond reduces the pore size of the coating so that dirt and moisture can’t enter.
                                              Provides a smoother surface with superior characteristics – a protective shield stronger, lighter and harder than ever
                                              before! Also contains a UV blocker that helps protect the paint finish against oxidation and fading, and shines to a   VALUGARD PAINT SEALANT
                                              brilliant, deep, wet look while enhancing the clear coat of today’s paint finishes. VOC compliant, this same product   CLEAR COAT
                                              is private labeled for some of the leading vehicle manufacturers. In excess of 10 million vehicles worldwide have   PAINT
                                              been treated with ValuGard Paint Sealant!
                                              Packaged in 4 oz. bottles (12 per case) and 5-gallon pails.

                                              CeraMax H/O Ceramic Paint Coating Kit
                                              The only ceramic coating featuring both hydrophobic (repels moisture) and oleophobic (repels oils) properties (others
                                              are hydrophobic only). This system is safe for all paints and creates a unique hybrid structure that bonds with paint,
                                              providing a surface up to three times as hard as clear coat. Protects paints from industrial fallout, acid rain, tree sap,
                                              insects, weather-caused oxidation and more.

                                              Package in 60 mL bottles (12 per case)
                                              Part No. VG-106
                                              One vehicle kit (contains everything needed to protect one vehicle)
                                              Part No. VG-106K

                                              Fabric Protector
                                              Resin-based formula (not dimethyl silicone) thoroughly encases every fiber and thread of a vehicle’s fabric, and
                                              will not wash off like water-based product. Features “UV Check” additive that actually absorbs ultra-violet rays so
                                              they can’t “bounce off” and damage nearby materials. This double-action defense provides extra protection to help
                                              prevent material fading and discoloration resulting from dirt, spill and excessive ultra-violet exposure. Prevents stains   Liquids bead up on treated fabric.
                                              from coffee, soft drinks, milk and most spills. Prolongs fabric life; spills just bead up and wipe off. Applies easily
                                              using AI’s fabric spray applicator. Safe for employees (no toxic carcinogenic components). Millions of vehicles have
                                              already been treated and successfully protected against permanent staining.
                                                                                                                              Untreated fabric absorbs
                                              Packaged in 16 oz. bottles (12 per case), 5-gallon pail and 55-gallon drum.     spills & stains.
                                              Water based formula also available, 1-gallon and 5-gallon pails only.
                                              W ater based for mula also available, 1-gallon and 5-gallon pails only .

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