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ValuGard Paint Decontamination System:
A –B – C Neutralization System

ValuGard's complete paint decontamination system is a 3-step process – with no rubbing required - that takes about 15 minutes to remove a variety of contaminants from a vehicle surface. Today's environment is torture on the thin clear coat / paint surface on your vehicle. The A-B-C process uses chemicals that will not harm your vehicle's paint while actively working to eliminate contaminants! The first step removes waxes, as well as any acidic material that may have been deposited from the environment. The second step removes alkaline deposits such as rail dust and industrial fall out. The third step is a premium wash solution designed to bring the surface to a perfect pH of 7.0.

  • Removes a wider array of contaminants than a clay bar alone.
  • Chemical formula allows you to use the strength of the chemicals to do a more complete job, rather than "elbow grease" with a clay bar.
  • Process used by vehicle manufacturers to remove industrial fallout accumulated during vehicle transit. Automotive manufacturers trust it, so should you!


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