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Rust Converter / VG-420

VG 420 Rust Converter is an organic complex liquid that chemically re-acts with large amounts of rust, when present on steel.  Rust Converter will not harm or affect any non-rusted surface but penetrates and chemically converts iron oxide corrosion (rust) to a stable and non-active complex. This converted surface will take on a blue/black appearance and, when dry to the touch, is ready to be top coated to seal out the elements and prevent future rust. Be sure to wipe off excess rust converter with a wet rag before applying a top coat.  

  • VG 420 Rust Converter is very flexible and can be applied with a brush, a spray bottle, a roller or even via dipping surface into the product.
  • Fast-acting formula means converted surface is often ready in about 20-30 minutes.    Unlike many competitive products, VG 420 formula allows project completion on the same day. Rust Converter is moisture activated so works even faster in high humidity environments.   
  • VG 420 does not require much product on a corroded surface to work effectively, simply dampen rusty surface and walk away. When dry, it is ready for you to put a top coat on.


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VG 420 Rust Converter in Action

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