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ValuMask – Liquid Masking / VG-340

ValuMask is a water-based, biodegradable, spray-able liquid that dries to a protective tack free film and is used to prevent overspray from undercoating or paints from adhering to vehicles surfaces.  ValuMask is not hazardous and can safely be used on all cured paints and other surfaces such as glass, chrome, grills, tires, wheels and engine compartments, as well as other hard to tape areas.   

  • ValuMask has been shown to cut your preparation time before undercoating / rust proofing a vehicle!   Just spray it on, wait 5 minutes and then get to work!   This product allows your operation to increase the number of vehicles you can handle per day.
  • Combined with our N-122 Safety Solvent and VG 420 Rust Converter (as needed for preparation of a rusted surface), these items give you a Supplier Approved, A to Z system for your anti-corrosion operation.   
  • Figure about 30 Full-sized trucks per 5 gallon pail. ValuMask makes an efficient and cost-effective way to prepare and protect a client’s vehicle from overspray.  


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