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Rust Prevention Products

ValuGard’s line of OEM-approved products are designed and tested specifically against the new liquid nano de-icing brines used throughout the country - even in the Southern parts of the United States!

ValuGard’s new vehicle anti-corrosion warranty is designed to cover corrosion as a result of environmental causes, something most factory warranties, in fact, do not cover. They are designed to help augment the protection on your vehicle by “wrapping around” and supplementing warranty from the factory. Durable coatings that protect your vehicle and protect you from costly corrosion repairs and even more costly de-valuation of your vehicle at trade in!

How do ValuGard Product lines compare to others:

  • Asphalt Cut Back Undercoating for superior adhesion compared to Rubberized formulas – will not freeze, “pocket” crack or fail.
  • Self-healing properties prevent moisture from penetrating “behind the barrier” in the event of a rock chip on underbody.
  • Unlike oil-based products, ValuGard product lines are designed to be applied one-time and have up to Lifetime warranty available on new vehicles.
  • No need for annual re-inspection or reapplication, unlike other products that require these inspections to “maintain warranty”. Leaves you with more time to enjoy your vehicle.
  • Unlike other product lines, NO DRILLING is required to apply ValuGard Cavity Rust Inhibitor. Drilling causes rust-causing metal shards, and breaks the paint barrier from factory. One of the reasons we have received OEM approvals!
  • Full cure in about 24 hours. Will not come off on clothes or drip on your driveway, unlike many oil-based products which remain viscous even months after application.
  • All ValuGard Anti-Corrosion lines are tested specifically against the Magnesium and Calcium Chloride liquid de-icing brines.

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VG- 101 Military Spec Cavity Rust Inhibitor
Solvent-borne, wax-based corrosion preventing compound. Atomized into cavities via existing drain holes and hard-to-reach areas for optimal protection. It dries to a semi-firm film to create a durable barrier that prevents corrosion on the most susceptible areas of your vehicle. Meets or exceeds Military Specifications for corrosion prevention.

VG-104 Solvent Asphalt Undercoating
A high performance solvent based, asphalt cutback coating for the underside panels of all types of vehicles. VG 104 provides a flexible and abrasion resistant coating for superior protection against corrosion caused by moisture, salt and alkalis. Drying to a tack when cured, it will not come off on your clothes.

VG-160 Military Spec Solvent Asphalt Undercoating
Designed to protect snow plows, this high performance solvent based asphalt coating for underside panels of automotive vehicles provides a waxy flexible and abrasion resistant coating. It provides superior protection against corrosion caused by moisture, salt, alkalis and galvanic reaction. Coupled with VG 101 Military Spec Cavity Rust Inhibitor it offers a full scale Military Spec program to protect your vehicle.