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Recommended Equipment for ValuGard Rust Prevention Products

ValuGard’s line of anti-corrosion coatings are specifically designed to be sprayed through an array of equipment. Automotive International stocks a wide range of air assist equipment to help you apply our coatings correctly. Although Automotive International DOES NOT stock airless spray systems, we are happy to guide you in your Airless equipment sourcing efforts.    

Minimum facility requirements include a designated area with a lift and a dedicated air supply line to spray products. Contact us here to request our full Facility Basics and Training Checklist.


Equipment for spraying ValuGard Undercoatings

Air Assist Guns for Undercoating using screw-on quart bottles

VG UCG Used for VG-104 only  VG 119 Used for VG-104 and VG-160
Flexible Wand Extension for VG 119 Available


Graco Fireball 300 15:1 Ratio, Airless Undercoating System

(ValuGard undercoating products may also be sprayed with alternative airless systems.  Please contact our Technical Staff to be sure a specific system will work and to ensure proper PSI and tip size for an alternative system)


Equipment for spraying ValuGard Military Spec Cavity Rust Inhibitor

Automotive International offers a range of equipment to meet your volume and application needs for our VG-101 product.    

Good (VG CRG) Better (VG 180) Best (VG 107)

Automotive International also stocks the sets of replacement wands for these Cavity Atomizing guns.    


Applications for other ValuGard chemicals:

VG 420 Rust converter is applied with a standard trigger bottle or brushed on by hand


VG 340 ValuMask is sprayed with an HVLP – hopper fed Spray Gun




Graco Fireball 300 15:1 Airless Pump


How to set up the Graco Fireball Pump