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Military Spec Cavity Rust Inhibitor / VG-101

Amber in color, ValuGard Military Spec Cavity rust Inhibitor is a Manufacturer-approved, solvent-borne thixotropic, Corrosion preventative compound that, without drilling is fogged / atomized into cavity areas. It protects new vehicle hoods, doors, rocker panels, tailgate / trunk and frames against rust-through perforation. Unlike oil-based product lines, ValuGard Cavity Rust Inhibitor is a single application that does not need to be reapplied. We are confident about the long-term durability of ValuGard Cavity Rust Inhibitor because it has been tested and proven specifically against the liquid de-icing chemical brines used in many parts of the country.  

  • Many panels in cavity areas do not have paint, they have just bare metal.    VG 101 Cavity Rust Inhibitor creates a durable coating to protect these surfaces from corrosion (inside – out)
  • Warranty for VG 101 provides coverage against environmental corrosion (de-icing brines), this coverage helps “wrap around” factory warranties which are coverage due to manufacturing defects
  • Meets or exceeds Military Specifications for perforation corrosion, as well as shown to specifically resist liquid de-icing brines under toughest industry testing. Use the form below to ask us for more information about the Military Specifications and the testing VG 101 has undergone.
  • As a complimentary product with our Undercoating, ValuGard Cavity Rust Inhibitor will penetrate and protect areas undercoating cannot reach.  
  • Heavy Duty, long term protection provided by a Manufacturer-Approved product that is applied without the need to drill any corrosion-causing holes in your vehicle.
  • Ask about combining with our VG 160 Military Spec Undercoating for full scope Mil Spec protection on your vehicle

Warranty Available for passenger vehicles less than 36 months old. Click here to see Installer Map and get a quote.

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