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Paint Sealant VG-102

Since the early 1990’s all cars and trucks are painted with a water-based paint, which is softer and more vulnerable than traditional solvent based paints. VG 102 Paint Sealant is designed to seal the pores of the paint so that rain water, slush and the chemicals they contain (such as industrial fallout, rail dust and agricultural sprays) cannot penetrate the paint. Applied and successfully protecting over 9 million vehicles!

  • VG- 102 Paint Sealant is a nano-technology polymer protectant designed to protect painted surfaces against environmental damage as most clear coats are only 1.5 to 2.0 mils thick!
  • You never have to wax your car!
  • Our unique polymer – copolymer resin prevents fading and oxidation from harmful UV rays and salt brines.   It also protects against the industrial fallout, tree sap, acid rain and insects common in today’s environment.  

Warranty Available for passenger vehicles less than 36 months old. Click here to see Installer Map and get a quote.

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