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ValuGard offers a wide range of warranty and specialty chemicals to provide our installers with a full compliment of chemical tools to use while working on your vehicle. Our videos below help demonstrate some of the specific steps we train our installers on proper preparation, installation and clean up. We are also proud of the testimonial provided by Graveyard Cars, click on the link here to go to the Graveyard Cars testimonial about the ValuGard Rust Prevention product lines and to view our undercoating in action!

ValuGard Consumer Information Video

ValuGard Consumer Information Video

Warranty Product Applications
Specialty Product Applications

How Military Spec Cavity Rust Inhibitor is applied

How To Rust Proof Your Car - ValuGard Rustproofing

Complete application procedure for CeraMax Ceramic Protection

ValuGard Ceramax H/O Ceramic Paint Coating

Application procedure for Manufacturer- Approved Undercoating

How To Undercoat Your Car - ValuGard Undercoating

Cut down on overspray with ValuMask Liquid Masking Product

ValuGard ValuMask

Proper application of Manufacturer-Approved  Nano Paint Sealant

Paint Sealant Application

How to remove Industrial Fallout and Rail Dust: ValuGard’s Paint Decontamination System

How To Remove Industrial Fallout and Rail Dust / Valugard A-B-C Neutralization Procedure

How to apply Manufacturer-Approved  Fabric Protection

Valugard Fabric Protection

How to apply ValuGard’s Professional Exterior Trim Repair kit

Valugard ETR (Exterior Trim Repair) Kit Procedure

How to apply Manufacturer-Approved  Leather – Vinyl Protection

Valugard Leather Protection


Graveyard Carz ValuGard Testimonial

Graveyard Carz ValuGard Testimonial