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Proven Solution against the Rust-Causing Brines.
How do we know?
We have our products tested!

At ValuGard we feel that you should offer products that are proven to work against the liquid brines (link here to Brines page) that are causing corrosion problems in today’s environment. Many states and local municipalities use some sort of MgCI or CaCl to de-ice their roads and you need something that WORKS to protect your vehicle or fleet.    

Our Rust Preventative products have undergone the industry’s most stringent tests to make sure that they not only work against regular Rock Salt, but also against the Chloride brines. These tests are cyclical and designed emulate a real-world winter environment.        

Few vehicles stay dry all winter, nor does humidity remain at the same level throughout the year. Both wet-dry cycles and humidity fluctuations help accelerate the corrosion process on vehicles. By putting our products through both SAE J2334 and NACE TM testing, we demonstrate how well our products work – and provide consumers with another level of confidence that other products are unable to provide. Don’t be fooled! Ask about cyclical tests for any rust preventative products you are considering putting on your vehicle!  

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Make sure you ask for products that have passed SAE J2334 / NACE TM

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