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Manufacturing Operations

No matter what your end product, operational capacity or corrosion performance specifications, ValuGard offers a wide range of water and solvent based corrosion prevention  options to meet your needs. We produce direct-to-metal, asphalt-based coatings that are ISO certified for consistent quality. Our coatings are used extensively to protect light and heavy duty trailers, truck bodies, truck cabs and chassis.

With the advent of liquid de-icing brines, corrosion on trailers, vehicles and truck equipment has become  a significant challenge for the entire transportation market. Very few locations use just plain rock salt any more. That is why every single one of our rust prevention coatings has been tested specifically against the Magnesium and Calcium Chlorides that are found on roads – all throughout the United States. These tests demonstrate that ValuGard coatings fulfil the rust control specifications you are looking for.

  • Customized range of water-based and solvent-based product lines tailored to fit your process, rust prevention specifications, takt time and VOC footprint
  • Volume package available to fit your production needs and cost requirements
  • Several products tested side-by-side to ensure proper utilization – providing rust prevention on the different areas of concern
  • Field team provides on-site and virtual technical service to assist you in every stage, from specific equipment selection to process improvement

Water-based Undercoating

Solvent-based Undercoating

Rust Preventative Compounds


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Our on-site technical consultation to solve paint and corrosion issues you are encountering!

Case Study 

A medium-sized trailer manufacturer was experiencing corrosion issues with trailers sent to northern states and Canada, and they requested an on-site consultation. Working with their techs, our field team went through the entire undercoating process and noted possible issues with trailer surface preparation that affects adhesion. Their then-supplier was also not able to provide any reliable testing to demonstrate their coating would work against the liquid de-icing brines commonly used in northern states / Canada. ValuGard created an appropriate preparation process and provided them with a demonstration of how our VG 240 Water Based Undercoating II performs, showing them the coverage on a single pass, as well as showing them testing against the brines. We worked with their industrial distributor to stock drums of our material and now they have a JIT inventory solution and do not worry about cold temperature transportation in the winter months. Further, not only have they decreased complaints on corrosion, but with the faster dry time of VG 240, the trailer company is now able to increase its spray work-in-process completed inventory rate to assist production numbers.



ValuGard Undercoating in Action