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How we protect critical Government and Military Fleet Vehicles

Corrosion protection for Government and Military vehicles must be designed to meet the harshest environments on earth.    

The advanced, specialized coating systems at ValuGard are frequently applied to government & military vehicles due to ValuGard products receiving OEM approvals and ISO certification. ValuGard products are currently applied to containers for use with the military, as well as protecting vehicles used for a variety of duties close to, or on, beaches at military installations. ValuGard also rigorously tests our products through third party laboratories with specific environmental measures to ensure they perform as stated.

ValuGard offers an extensive range of both solvent-born and water-based anti-corrosion products to fit particular specifications from government departments. ValuGard’s range of products include underbody chassis coatings, cavity rust inhibitors, an alkyd floor coating, and a rust convertor help ensure these vehicle fleets remain fully operational despite exposure to increased salt presence. 

VG 170 Heavy Duty Corrosion Preventive Coating
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The revolutionary water-based formula in VG-170 is actually a special blend of different resins in a binder to create a whole new resin system. The result is an elevated level of protection.

What this system is designed to do:   

Also available

Don’t wish to apply coatings yourself? We also have an extensive group of Authorized Installation Centers around the country. Many of these are actively applying our Military Spec Solvent product lines. The Installation Center technicians can also conduct a full inspection of the Government vehicle prior to product applications. If necessary they can treat any existing rust with our VG 420 rust converter - with any loose rust being removed first.  

Factors fleet managers often consider important when selecting anti-corrosion products: 

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Military Vehicle with VG 170 sprayed through Airless System

Military Vehicle with VG 170 sprayed through Airless System


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Panel Showing VG 101 Military Spec Cavity Rust Inhibitor

Panel Showing VG 160 Military Spec Undercoating

Panel Showing VG 170 Heavy Duty Corrosion Prevention Coating