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Protect your Electric Vehicles and Hybrids from Corrosion

The last 10 years has seen an increase in consumer interest in Electric vehicles (ex. PEV, BEVs, Plug-in Hybrid, Low-speed EVs, etc.). The growing interest in these types of vehicles has prompted Manufacturers to provide an array of consumer options. The market is offering everything from 4-person passenger cars to Mid/Heavy Duty trucks with electric drive trains. Market trends demonstrate an increasing percentage of consumers could migrate to a type of electric vehicle – and ValuGard wants to be sure these Electric/ Hybrid vehicles are protected from corrosion.

At ValuGard we understand the need for Electric Vehicle and Hybrid owners / fleet managers to protect their investments and keep these vehicles in service for many years. Our work with auto manufacturers has led us to understand that covering the sensitive electronic systems underneath these vehicles with a sealant undercoating can be potentially interfere with their operation.

In working with manufacturers, we have demonstrated that our VG 101 Military Spec Cavity Rust Inhibitor will not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment; as we already install this product inside of the doors of vehicles and electronic tailgates. ValuGard has also worked to demonstrate that the VG 101 is safe to use around the various electronics found underneath today's Electric and Hybrid type vehicles. The characteristics of the VG 101 Military Spec Cavity Rust Inhibitor allows installers to protect the metal underbody panels found around all manner of sensitive electronic components, typically located in the front / middle of vehicles. The proper application and combination of our VG 101 Rust Inhibitor and specific undercoating will allow our certified installers to offer consumers a warranty on their new EV/Hybrid vehicles!

ValuGard installers are instructed to use proper masking (tape, paper, plastic) spraying both Rust Inhibitor and Undercoating. Installers also are directed to pay extra attention when applying products around the electric motors. (See our technical tip here) for more details on proper product installation for EV/Hybrid vehicles)

We use the VG 101 Rust Inhibitor to protect the middle subframe, between the frame rails, and couple the installation with our refined asphalt to protect outer areas, such as Wheel Wells and Rocker panels. Don't worry, we still recommend that the VG 101 Military Spec Cavity Rust Inhibitor be installed in your sub-frame, doors, and all the nooks and crevices*** found in modern vehicles – as always with NO DRILLING.

While the VG 101 Military Spec Cavity Rust Inhibitor will protect those unpainted inner areas tucked away and panels located near electronic components (see picture below in red), the ValuGard undercoating can be used on all the other body panels. You can see these areas, shown in pictures below in blue, that will be protected on a hybrid vehicle. In doing so, ValuGard products will provide comprehensive protection to your entire EV / Hybrid vehicle against the various environmental factors causing corrosion on today's roads. Contact your area's ValuGard installer to learn more about getting your Hybrid / Electric vehicle protected today!

Installers: We understand you might have different questions for different EV/Hybrid designs. We encourage you to ask us about our Installation Guide for Hybrid / Electric Vehicles! 

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