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Yes Salt Air Has an Effect on Your Vehicle!

Living near the ocean can offer a lot: from the cool ocean breeze, restful sounds of waves along with the calming views of the sparkling sea. But, a seaside location is NOT EASY on your vehicle. Coastal locations will cause or even accelerate vehicle corrosion and paint damage.

The effects of these conditions can easily diminish the appearance and value of your vehicle, from the visible paint to the invisible body cavities and underbody panels.   


A combination of the sun and salt air on a coast can destroy a car's finish  because the hot sun increases the pores in the paint.  This results in greater absorption of salty air and moisture.  This is not even counting damage from bird droppings or tree sap!

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Putting a boat or PWC in and out of the ocean can lead to damage in those unprotected cavities and underbody panels at the back of your vehicle.  This can cause invisible damage that you wont even see until it is WAY TOO LATE!

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ValuGard installers along the coasts around the world report the increasing need for protective coatings on consumers vehicles to prevent salt corrosion. Areas not considered “rust belt”: like Hawaii, Virginia Beach, Coastal North Carolina, Florida, Gulf Coast and islands throughout Caribbean; consumers are finding a growing need for our unique two-step process. Just in the last 12 months, our installers in the Southeast US have protected 1450 vehicles while the Gulf Coast installers have protected over 700 vehicles. In other coastal areas we serve, including oceanic islands, our installers have protected over 950 vehicles. This should tell you that your vehicle is not alone and that our factory trained ValuGard installer network is here to help!

Consider the following:

  • Living on a peninsula or an island surrounded by salt air and water attacking vehicles 365 days of the year
  • Do you drive your vehicle to a ski resort or over snow covered mountain passes for sporting events or family visits?  Check this out!
  • Maybe you are a boat or PWC owner putting your craft in the water multiple times per year
  • Do you operate POOL CLEANING business?  Think of the corrosive chemicals spilling all over your vehicle
  • How about a fisherman / lobsterman in the northeast, who might also plow snow in the winter – you are doubly susceptible with salt air and brines!
  • Maybe Black Ice is common in your area?   Plenty of coastal areas in United States do not get snow BUT they get a winter-full of 35 degrees and raining – guess what municipalities put down for preventing black ice? You guessed it, Magnesium Chloride – the most corrosive de-icing chemical of all – just like in the “salt belt”!!   
  • In many coastal areas you also have volcanic ash which is mildly corrosive but more importantly also conducts electricity when wet!  This allows common humidity to incite the galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals on our modern steel/aluminum vehicle construction.

Ask us how just one or two trips
to a winter area can have long
term effects on your vehicle
(did you know soap and water
will NOT get all the salt brines
off your car?)

Success Story

One ValuGard installer in Florida saw a great need for helping protect the trucks of pool maintenance companies in the area. Working with us he created a program for this niche market, using our Military Spec coatings to protect inside and outside areas. Coupled with regular prevention tips, he has been able to almost triple the expected life of these vehicles. ValuGard installers along the southeast coast focused on dealers catering to snow birds. By providing unique and robust protection options for snow birds, many dealers are now differentiating themselves in competitive markets. The snow birds recognize the need for proven products and by choosing VG products, installers and dealers capture these high-value consumers.

Do you live along the west coast
of the United States, Caribbean
island or island in the Pacific?
Ask us about how humidity can
accelerate the corrosive effects
of volcanic ash on your vehicle(s)!