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Why use ValuGard products to protect your vehicle?

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Thank you for your interest in ValuGard Environmental Protection. ValuGard products have been protecting vehicles for over 40 years. Major vehicle and equipment manufacturers utilize our expertise to solve issues with paint protection, corrosion prevention and repair. We have a network of Certified, Authorized installers around the country to help professionally install products on your vehicle. Learn more about our products below, or click here to get a quote at an Installer near you.

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Reasons why installers choose ValuGard:

  • Product lines approved by engineering departments at major Manufacturers across the Automotive and Truck Industry
  • Are protective coatings worth the investment? Only if you choose the right ones
  • Think about how much you pay for the following:
    • Repaint a hood or roof due to damage from insects, industrial fallout
    • Replace a rocker panel that corrodes through from inside
    • How much has corrosion or paint damage cost you on trade ins in the past? ($2,000 or  more?)
  • Products are formulated for one-time application on new vehicles: no need for annual visits for reapplication - like  other products
  • Anti-corrosion program: provides dual level protection not just on underbody panels but comprehensive coverage to shield cavities in your vehicle
  • Military Spec Cavity Rust Inhibitor is atomized into cavities with NO DRILLING of rust-causing holes in your vehicle body or frame
  • ValuGard Protection Products are backed by rock-solid limited warranties as strong as the product.   These warranties “wrap around” the warranty provided by the vehicle manufacturer. Ask your installer for details.

ValuGard Undercoating in action


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