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PrepExcellence Training

PrepExcellence has been selected by a major automobile manufacturer for re-marketing to its dealers. This includes the training, the products, and the PrepExcellence process. PrepExcellence training is utilized by Delta Sonic which is a 30 store car wash/detail chain (from Rochester, NY to Chicago, IL).

The PrepExcellence Philosophy is as follows:
Provide broad based training, (Knowledge) which allows the technician to diagnose potential or actual problems with the vehicle finish, trim, and interior and to further use that knowledge to identify and perform the appropriate process in order to affect a permanent cure.

The end result is lower labor and material cost and an improved final product (the vehicle) which improves customer satisfaction and profitability.

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First Day

  • Historical overview of paint systems including future systems development
  • Current manufacturer paint systems and the correction of flaws at the aftermarket level.
  • Correct process for vehicle polishing so as to avoid customer returns because of clear coat damage, finish burns, etc.
  • Correction of body shop and O.E.M. refinish flaws
  • Environmental, transportation, and lot damage...

1. Cause 2. Identification 3. Correction 4. Offsetting cost through manufacturers warranty policy

Engine Cleaning...

  • Elimination of staining / chalking of engine parts, paint, and plastic
  • Production of a like new appearance without repainting or other "make up"
  • Reduction or elimination of damage to electronic and mechanical components

Basics of interior cleaning / detailing

  • Identification of stains and soil
  • Types of material and techniques used to clean them.
  • Reduction or elimination of interior damage

Interior Problem Solving Skills

  • Stubborn Stains
  • Odors
  • Leather, various types and coatings
  • Cleaning headliners and seat belts

Glass Cleaning

  • New car vs. pre-owned vehicles
  • Reduction of labor through the use of correct technique and materials
  • Improved clarity
  • Potential damage from improper process and how to correct such damage.

Wheels & Tires

  • Identification of wheel types and coating materials
  • Reduction of wheel damage
  • Tires and their composition; the effects of various cleaners and dressings

Basic Chemical Usage, Components, and Personal Safety

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

  • The effects of Customer Satisfaction on employment security
  • The effects of Customer Satisfaction on profitability
  • Vehicle manufacturers' commitment to customer satisfaction and the impact of that commitment on a modern vehicle dealership.